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New project to make Dhaka-Chittagong highway safe || traffic-free Will be Underpass & U-Loop

A new project worth Tk 568 crore is being undertaken to make the Dhaka-Chittagong highway safe and traffic-free. Under the project, new underpasses will be constructed on this national highway.
New project to make Dhaka-Chittagong highway safe ||  traffic-free Will be Underpass & U-Loop
New project to make Dhaka-Chittagong highway safe || traffic-free Will be Underpass & U-Loop

The new initiative aims at sustainable, safe and cost-effective communication systems, including reducing the risk of accidents.

It is learned that underpasses will be constructed at the intersection of three roads at Padua Bazar in Comilla on the 93rd kilometre of the highway, including underpasses at the entrances of Iulup and Comilla Sadar Dakshin Upazila and Comilla University.

The total cost of the project, titled ‘Construction of 6 underpasses on Dhaka-Chittagong National Highway and U-Loop at Padua Bazar intersection’, has been estimated at Tk 568.93 crore. From now on, the project will be implemented by the Department of Roads and Highways (RHD) in the period of June 2024.

RHD Additional Chief Engineer (Comilla Zone) said. Shawkat Ali said a new New project to make Dhaka-Chittagong highway safe. traffic-free Will be Underpass & U-Loops and underpasses will be constructed to make the Dhaka-Chittagong highway safe and risk-free. There are many gatherings in the Padua market

Such initiatives are the solution. The project is being taken up after conducting a feasibility study through BUET.

Under the proposed project, Iulup and an underpass at Padua Bazar intersection of Dhaka-Chittagong National Highway (N-1) and Comilla-Chandpur Regional Highway, two underpasses adjacent to Comilla Sadar Dakshin Upazila Gate and Beltali Gate of Comilla University will be constructed.

The Dhaka-Chittagong link road will be used in the future for communication with the northeastern states of India. That’s why it needs enough capacity and mobility to meet current and future traffic needs, the RSA said.
Under the project, 2,142 meters of Iulup construction approach road. Land acquisition, construction of three 181-meter underpasses, a double cabin pickup, landscaping under the project, utility seating and other works including tree planting will be completed.

The Awami League government’s mega project Dhaka-Chittagong four-lane highway was inaugurated on July 2, 2016. But less than two years after the inauguration, the bitumen was washed away in the rain at various places on the 192 km road. Various ‘wounds’ and ditches have been seen.

At present, most of the drivers are forced to slow down to control their vehicles as small and big potholes have formed in several places on the highway. In several places, the Reds have patched up the bricks.

In the Alekharchar area of ​​Comilla Sadar Upazila, the busiest four-lane has created big holes in some places on the way from Comilla to Dhaka.

As a result, the drivers are struggling to control the vehicles. Being forced to slow down.

On the other hand, the Department of Roads and Highways (RHD) is implementing a project worth Tk 774 crore to keep the 192.30 km road from Daudkandi in Comilla to Chittagong smooth and intact for the next five years. A new project is being taken up on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway.

Asked why such an initiative was not taken at the outset, Shawkat Ali said the project had nothing to do with keeping the roads smooth. It’s completely different.

Work on the original project began in 2010. This was not the case then.

New methods are being invented to make roads safer. In the light of this, Iulup and underpass will be constructed.

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