4 people have been shot dead in Gandamara in Banshkhali Chittagong district

Four people have been shot dead in a clash over cutting paddy at Gandamara in Banshkhali Chittagong district.

The incident took place at around 10:15 am on Saturday (April 24) in Ward No. 2 of Gandamara Union in Banshkhali Upazila.
Wounded in the shooting, Shah Alam (60), Md. Abu Salem (35), Md. Mojaher (60) and Abdul Alim (18).

Witnesses said Hossain Majhi and former UP member Kamal Uddin had a long-running dispute over 16 acres land. On Saturday morning, when Kamal Uddin’s men started harvesting ripe paddy on the land, Hossain Majhi opened fire at one stage of the quarrel between the two groups. Four people were shot.

The injured were brought to the hospital by Iqbal said, There was a dispute with Shah Alam and Hossain Majhi because of agricultural land with the Badatmatali area.

If the dispute is resolved through the local chairman. Shah Alam gets the place. Shah Alam cultivated the land on the orders of the chairman.

When Hossain Majhi went to cut paddy this morning, four people were shot.

After rescuing the injured, first aid was given at Banshkhali Upazila Health Complex. From there he was brought to Chittagong Medical College (CMC) Hospital on the advice of a doctor.

Alauddin Talukder, assistant sub-inspector (ASI) of the Chamek Hospital police outpost, said there were shootings among locals over land disputes. The three were rushed to Chamek Hospital in critical condition. Later they were admitted to Surgery Ward No. 24.

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