Israel’s religious festival tramples to death of 44

International Desk: At least 44 people have been killed in a stampede at a Jewish religious festival in Israel. Many others were injured in the incident in the northeastern part of the country.
Israel's religious festival tramples to death of 44

People from the Jewish community were victims of the Lag B’Omar festival on Meron Mountain in the northern part of Israel.

The country’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prayed for the casualties, saying it was a serious disaster.

Every year, many Jews go on pilgrimage to the Lag B’Omar festival on Mount Meron. There the festival is celebrated through ravbhar prayers and dances.

Meron Mountain is reportedly one of the holiest places for the Jewish community. Around one lakh people gathered on Meron mountain last Thursday night. Many more people were scheduled to appear there this Friday. But in the meantime, there was a stampede. That’s why the police have asked everyone to leave Meron Mountain.

Initially, according to some media reports, the casualties occurred when an infrastructure collapsed on Mount Meron. It was later revealed that the incident took place after being trampled.

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