The Islamic Front has demanded the banning of Hefazat-e-Islam and Khilafah Majlis

The Bangladesh Islamic Front has demanded that the leaders of Hefazat-e-Islam be banned, accusing them of being involved in moral activities and militant activities.
The Islamic Front has demanded the banning of Hefazat-e-Islam and Khilafah Majlis
The Islamic Front has demanded the banning of Hefazat-e-Islam and Khilafah Majlis

At the same time, they demanded the banning of the Khilafat Majlis on charges of militant involvement.

The demand was made at a press conference organized by the Islamic Front at the Chittagong Press Club auditorium on Thursday (April 29).

At the press conference, a seven-point proposal was presented to protest the anarchy in the name of Islam and to resolve the ongoing political-religious instability in Bangladesh.

At a press conference presided over by Bangladesh Islamic Front Chairman MA Mannan, Senior Joint Secretary General Principal UM Abdus Samad read out a written statement on behalf of the party’s Secretary General MA Matin.

Other seven-point demands include banning Hefazat-e-Islam from being listed as a militant organization, establishing government control by auditing Qaumi madrassas, conducting both Alia-Qaumi sects in the light of a uniform education policy, and prosecuting Qaumi-Hefazati militants and their supporters. Registration should be canceled, women oppressors, rapists, murderers should rise above their political identities and the maximum punishment should be provided by law.

It was said in the press conference that those who do not believe in the independence and sovereignty of this country are today conspiring to turn the country into an ineffective state by creating anarchy in the name of Islam. Although the Razakars, Al-Badr and Al-Shams forces were tried for war crimes in the country, the Wahhabi ideological Qaumi Mujahideen forces involved in similar war crimes were not tried in 1971, so today they are dreaming of establishing a state in this country in medieval style Taliban model.

Hefazat, which is involved in moral groundbreaking and militant activities, must be banned, the written statement said. The abolition of their committee or the formation of a new committee does not condone the already organized militant crime. A recent press briefing by the police administration raised the issue of the involvement of international militant organizations with the Khilafah Majlis, a political organization of Hefazat. If this information is true, then this party should also be banned due to militant involvement including cancellation of registration of Khilafah Majlis.

It was said at the press conference that not all Qaumi militants, but all militants are Qaumi. Therefore, Qaumi militants should be judged without using them as a political tool. At the same time, all those who support the Qaumi-Hefazati militants, be they leaders or activists or government-private officials, must face justice.

Expressing concern, it was said in the press conference that the level of violence against children and women is increasing even during the coronation period. The level of such crimes in the country can be greatly reduced if the oppressors, rapists and murderers rise above their political identities and the maximum punishment is provided by law.

At the press conference, Ahl-e-Sunnat wal Jamaat also expressed solidarity with the statement sent by the top 551 scholars of Bangladesh by declaring temporary contracted marriage as haram on behalf of Bangladesh Islamic Front.

MA Mannan, Syed Mashihuddaula, Principal Ahmad Hossain Al Qaderi, Principal Shah Khalilur Rahman Nizami, Sheikh Abu Sufian Khan Abedi, Principal SUM Abdus Samad, Rezaul Karim Talukder, Engineer Nur Hossain, Master Muhammad Abul Hossain were present on the occasion. Mustafa Kadmarsuli, Abdun Nabi Al Qaderi, Maulana Ferdousul Alam Khan, Maulana Abdul Khaleq, Principal Hafez Ahmad Qaderi, Nasir Uddin Mahmud, Yasin Hossain Haidri, Karim Uddin Noori, Ali Hossain, Professor Abdur Rahim Hodi Syed Abu Azam, Principal DIM Jahangir, Syed Mohammad. Golam Kibria, Muhammad Nurullah Raihan Khan, Habibul Mostafa Siddiqui, Jamal Uddin Khokon, Jamal Uddin, Salauddin Khokon, Md. Enamul Haque, Badrul Huda Tareq, Ataullah, Khorshedul Alam Sujan, Shahjahan Badshah, Hafeez Atiqur Rahman, Abdullah Al Jaber, K. M Azad Rana, Nure Rahman Rony, Amir Hossain, Abdullah Al Roman, Zahir Uddin, Kazi Mohammad. Arafat etc.
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