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Fishermen to hunt hilsa in Meghna

Chandpur: After a two-month ban, fishermen will go hunting hilsa in Meghna from midnight on May 1. From now on almost fishermen in the district will have a busy time fishing.
Fishermen to hunt hilsa in Meghna
Fishermen to hunt hilsa in Meghna
The government declared about 90 km of sanctuary from Shatnal in North Upazila to Charbhairavi in Heimchar upazila for two months from March 1 to April 30 to protect the national wealth.

During this period, there was a complete ban on the extraction, sale, storage and transportation of all types of fish, including jatka.

On the other hand, the mobile court has sentenced 290 people to various terms for the last two months in violation of the ban.

On Friday afternoon (April 30), an andaman bazar in Sadar Upazila, Ranagoal, Puran Bazar ranagoal in the city, shop house, sakhua, baharia, harina ferryghat and akhnar haat areas were visited and fishermen were preparing for the hunt for hilsa.

Repaired boats and nets. 8-14 fishermen have been ready to fish in boats from small to big.

We have accepted the two-month ban imposed by the government, said Abul Bashar, a jail in Sakhua area of Sadar Upazila. But our world is going on with great difficulty.

Now if I get Hilsa, I can repay the loan and the world will also run.

Shahajan Mia, another fisherman in the same area, said that while we registered fishermen refrained from extracting hilsa during the ban, a class of seasonal jataka jails were heavily affected.

Their administration could not control them. That’s why we don’t get fish after the expedition.

My house is Hymchar Upazila, said Manik Dewan, general secretary of Chandpur District Awami Fishermen’s League. In the last two months, two to three thousand fishermen have been killed every day from 5 pm to 12 am.

The government could not protect Jatka in the way it has resisted the last mahilsa raksha abhiyan. Many concerned have failed to do this. Sold thousands of tonnes of zakata every day. If these jatkas were converted into Hilsa in 3-4 months, the government would have earned crores of rupees.

According to a notification sent from chandpur district fisheries officer’s office at 5 pm, the executive magistrate conducted 582 raids and 98 mobile courts of district and upazila task force, naval police and coast guard in the sanctuary area in the two-month operation.

Jatka was seized 38.927 mt in the operation. The other fish was seized at 45 kg. The current network has been seized at 43.33 lakh 50 thousand metres. Other nets were seized at 78.5 metres. The estimated value of the seized net is Rs 8.66 lakh 1,000. There have been 287 cases.

310 fishermen have been detained in the raids. They have been sentenced to different terms. In addition, 450 people have been detained in Kishore Jail. A fine of Rs 8.99 lakh was collected from them.

Senior fisheries officer of Hymchar Upazila Mizanur Rahman said the operation has also been more as the main centre for The Hymchar Upazila Jatka Charan. 147 raids and 42 mobile courts were conducted. 109 fishermen were detained.

In particular, 28 fishing boats seized in the raids this year were sold at auction for Rs 11.41 lakh 805.

Chandpur district fisheries officer Asadul Baki said the fisheries department, task force, coast guard and naval police have worked day and night to implement the government’s jatka raksha programme. One of these categories of fishermen killed jataka in a safe area.

Yet I think the growth of hilsa production will continue and fishermen will get hilsa. Meanwhile, 3 months of BGF rice has been distributed 40 kg to 120 kg to fishermen who have already refrained from catching jatka. 40 kg will also be given in May.
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